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Besides providing a wide range of consulting services, Sigma Systems also provides design services. We have, we think, one of the most diversified set of design specialties possible. As far as programming languages go, we have people who can program in any language from APL to Zilog Z80 machine-level code. Our people write the software that powers web-pages on the InterNet using both HTML and Java languages. We have acted as alpha, beta and gamma testers for both computer hardware and software products. During the past thirty years, we have been called on to create and provide a wide range of products ranging from timed explosive detonators; furniture; amino-acid analyzers; aerospace and consumer electronics; to telephone call-detail recorders. (We have even provided people that helped develop acrylic finger-nails, as well as design ladies dresses!) If you have a product, or an idea for a product, our staff can advance that idea through concept design, production, packaging, quality assurance, marketing and post-marketing stages. If you are having design problems, Sigma Systems may be your solution!

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