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Sigma (the 18th letter of the Greek alphabet) is used in mathematics to denote "summation", and provides our company, Sigma Systems, is an apt description of who and what we are.

We are a small but vital link in the design, installation and repair of computers, computer equipment, computer systems and networks. We also provide installion of computer software and can provide training on a one-to-one to a Enterprise level. Although we specialize in Windows 9x, and NT equipment and networks, we can provide support for Novell, MAC, UNIX, CP/M and MP/M.

For over three decades, the people at Sigma System have provided high quality consulting staff to literally hundreds of companies, world-wide. Our consultants have provided help in almost every possible high-tech and bio-tech engineering imaginable.We have also provided personnel in managerial, design, manufacturing, quality assurance, as well as secretarial, bookkeeping, and many other support positions.

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