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Our name, Sigma Systems, says it all. The name was chosen to describe what we do. Sigma, in the high-tech world, means summation of all of the elements, and that idea is carried through all parts of our group. Sigma System is not one company, but it is actually a consulting firm that subdivides a project into component tasks, and then sub-contracts those elements to other people and companies who are best capable of completing those tasks. Although we are a relatively small firm, we provide a very wide range of consulting, design, and service to many companies worldwide. As we enter the 21st Century, there will many problems (real and perceived) that you will encounter. We sincerely hope that you will think of us at Sigma System whenever you need that little bit of extra help to complete a project, or when things go terribly wrong and when you "really need help to drain the swamp".Our design team has provided a wide range of specialized designs and products.

Although we are a small company, we are part of an integrated sales network that can provide any of over 50,000 items from 1,500 manufacturers.

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