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  • Doctorate in Business Adminstration - November 2004
  • North American Academy of Arts and Sciences - Fellow of the Academy - Sept 2002
  • Masters Degree in Physics, Minors in Mathematics and Chemistry - June 1991
  • Bachelors Degree in Electrical Engineering - June 1980


I have 50 plus years of experience in Web Design; Build Master, Documentation Control; Electronic Research, Design and Development; Communications; Business Management/Consulting; Sales; Education; and Computer Maintenance.


Sigma Systems April, 1999 to Present

Contract employee to various Bay Area signing services and Title Companies as a Certified Notary Signing Agent. During the past four years, I have officiated at over 7,500 Real Estate escrow signings.
I have taught/mentored over two dozen Notary Publics so that they could become Certified Notary Signing Agents.

Contract employee at Animation Sciences, Sunnyvale where I designed, installed and/or moved 30+ workstations and NT4 servers and all associated CAT-5 wiring and equipment.
Contract employee at Covad, Inc as BuildMaster and Software Configuration Manager.
Contract employee at NetForce, Inc. San Francisco as Build Master designing InstallShield installations.
WebMaster for Sigma Systems where I programmed in HTML and JAVA to create web page designs for multiple firms.

MicroProse, Inc September, 1997 to May, 1999

As Build Master for the "Falcon 4.0" project, I compiled C++ software and then using Install-Shield software, I created an installable project which includes art, executable and text files. I test flew the simulator before it was passed on to the QA Department. I provided document and versioning control, wrote and implemented test and procedure documents. I produced CD-Rom Gold Masters and archival CD's. I acted as a liaison between beta-testers and Project Engineers. I helped design and create web pages for MicroProse and TwilightZone.org. As Compatibility Supervisor for MicroProse, my duties included creating and testing CD-Rom Gold Masters which were then used to create Production Masters for multiple PC-based simulators, game & entertainment projects, and advised Project Managers in CD-Rom mastering methodology. I wrote software and procedures for "fingerprinting" CD-Roms. I also acted as a liaison between Project Engineers and third-party Quality Assurance Labs.

Sigma Systems and Computer Technology & Graphics 1986 to 1997

As the head of R&D Departments, I designed and developed telephone call detail recording products; telephone related switching devices; test equipment; and video electronic products. My duties included design and feasibility studies; 8086 and Z80 microprocessor hardware design; software design in assembly and high level languages; prototypical design and test; printed circuit board design and layout using manual and Computer Aided Design methods; mechanical packaging and design; system documentation; component cost reduction studies; production department time and motion studies to achieve higher manpower productivity; finished goods packaging conceptual design; design and implementation of software to maintain corporate financial records. I was also responsible for departmental management. I designed, programmed and installed software for Hotel Reservation Systems and "post-hard disk crash data-recovery". I acted as an Expert Witness in two patent infringement cases involving telecommunications products. Also, during this time, I acted as a Consultant to the electronics industry. I alpha- & beta-tested "Wildcat BBS" and HoTMetaL Pro (web page generation software) from Mustang Software. I designed, developed and installed Internet and Intranet systems and facilities; programmed telecommunications software for the Department of Justice, GSA and other Governmental Agencies; and programmed small-business software.

Dial-Log Technical Services and Dial-Log Corporation 1982 to 1986

As President and CEO, I was the driving force behind moving new products and ideas into the market place. My duties included financial planning, raising corporate funding, establishing the corporate shell (State of Nevada Corporations Board), obtaining real estate leases, establishing R&D, Manufacturing, Quality Assurance, Marketing, Personnel and Accounting, and Legal Departments and hiring personnel best suited to hold those positions. I wrote proposals, negotiated with vendors and customers. I held and moderated stock-holder meetings. As the head of the Sales Department, I performed market analysis and definition studies; exhibit corporate products at trade-shows; call on potential customers; and establish sales and distribution networks. During this time, I also acted as an advisor to the Nevada State Economic Opportunity Development Commission and helped establish and write the procedures under which Nevada provides grants to Entrepreneurial enterprises.

Sigma Systems and San Mateo Research Institute 1974 to 1982

I started Sigma Systems as a company to provide systems integration for small to medium sized computers. The company scope quickly expanded to include many of S-100 microcomputers & ancillary equipment. I hold copyrights on several data conversion programs and General Ledger programs which administer the budgets, payroll, record-keeping, purchasing & inventory management functions, and the handling of public inquiries. I also developed a line of Power Loss Sensors which were sold to IBM. During this same period, I also taught Basic Electronics at Evergreen Valley College, and I was on the Advisory Board and the Board of Directors for Blast Masters, Inc. which used explosives for Oil Shale Recovery Experimentation, "terra forming" and building demolition.

Durrum Instruments 1972 to 1974

As the Director of Field Service Engineering, I effected installation of Amino-acid Analysis Equipment in the US and abroad; performed on site service & preventative maintenance; taught medical and research personnel how to prepare hemo-urological samples for analysis in hospital and research laboratory environments; taught classes on use and maintenance of the equipment. Worked with design engineers to improve speed and performance. As an outcome of my work at Durrum, the company received multiple patents, and the Nobel Peace Prize for Medical Research in the field of RNA/DNA genetic research and engineering.

I/O Com Sunnyvale 1970 to 1972

As a Field Service Engineer, I helped design, install and maintain equipment to document the time and length of television commercials, determine the clarity of audio, visual and/or color to allow accurate billing by television industry, advertising agencies, and the agencies and representatives charged with collection of royalties. (This device was the fore-runner of the Nielsen rating device for viewer preference determination.) During this period, I was also Operations Officer for San Jose Search and Rescue, Squadron 36. I also co-authored a book on Naval Fortifications and Gun Emplacements.

Northrop Global Marine 1969 to 1970

I helped write technical manuals and implement many Preventative & Operational Maintenance Schedules for Electronic Equipment (POMSEE) and PERT programs for US Naval Shipboard electronic and computer equipment. Also worked aboard the GloMar Challenger and the GloMar Explorer.

Gulf General Atomics 1968 to 1969

As a Field Service Engineer, I helped design, install and maintain "control and safety" instrumentation for nuclear power plants, nuclear bio-medicine reactors. I designed equipment for measuring frontal shock waves from underground nuclear blasts and explosives and earthquake safety mechanisms for nuclear reactors. I used high explosives (including shaped charges) to test theoretical concepts. I used blue-prints, lathes, milling machines and many other machine shop tools in the performance of my duties.

Union Carbide Electronics 1967 to 1968

As a Senior R&D Lab Technician, I specified which test equipment should be used in a newly-built Integrated Circuit Manufacturing Facility; negotiated with vendors for availability, delivery and pricing. I was also charged with the hiring and training of electronic technicians at that facility.

Ryan Aeronautical 1966 to 1967

As a Senior R&D Electronic Technician, I helped design, develop and test a digital doppler radar system for the Lunar Excursion Module (LEM), and worked on other projects for NASA. I helped establish clean room techniques and facilities; worked with some of the very first integrated circuits ever manufactured. During this period, I was also Field Officer for Flying Samaritans and Vacation Samaritans. I helped develop airbases which provided medical and medi-vac services in third world countries, Mexico and in rural areas of South-West US. I also taught classes in non-verbal education and language skills.

US Navy 1958 to 1966

During my eight years in the Navy, I attended Electronics Class A, B and C Schools with special training in the fields of Radar, Electronic Warfare, Naval Tactical Air Navigation (TACAN), Naval Tactical Data Systems communications and cryptography. I have advanced training in Fire Fighting; Shipboard Damage Control; and Advanced Life-saving.
Naval Duty stations included

  • FAU-CINCLANTFLT (Flag Administration Unit, Commander-in-Chief Atlantic Fleet Staff Headquarters) Norfolk, Virginia
  • SACLANT/NORVA (NATO Supreme Allied Commander Headquarters) Norfolk, Virginia
  • USS Robert L. Wilson (DDE-847)
  • USS Duncan (DDR-874)
  • Commander, Destroyer Squadron Nine (COMDESRON Nine) Staff,
  • USS Chicago (CG-11) Pre-and Post-Commissioning Crew, and
  • Staff, Fleet AAW/ASW Training Center, San Diego.

Personal Information:

  • Age 65, (August 18, 1941 - Norfolk, VA)
  • 5'10" 202 lbs.
  • Excellent health; married;
  • Military obligation complete; US Citizen; Passport Current; able to relocate.

Special Skills And Education:

  • English/Japanese Interpreter
  • Graduate of Microsoft Small Business Software classes
  • Graduate of Novell Internet and Intranet design classes
  • Trained as a Private Investigator
  • Notary Public (My commission expires in June 2006)
  • Certified Notary Signing Agent
  • Licensed Private Pilot - AOPA member since 1982
  • Member of Profession and Technical Consultants Associations
  • Programmer in Basic, C++, Database, HTML, J++ and Java, Pascal and WCCode Computer Languages
  • Taught electronics at Evergreen Valley College
  • Alpha and Beta Software testing skill sets
  • Registered as Resident Agent in Nevada Business Consultant for Small Businesses
  • US Top Secret Security Clearance and SACLANT/NATO Top Secret Clearance (Currently inactive)

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